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Aim To Increase The Digital Skill Base Across Oman.

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    Aim To Increase The Digital Skill Base Across Oman
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About Us

UK-Oman Digital Hub Aims

Establish the UK as digital partner

Build a digital and cyber eco-system across Oman with coherent initiatives across education, economy and government.

Increase digital skill base across Oman

raising ambition and aspiration through long-term shaping of 11-18 age group education opportunities and universities.

Encourage digital innovation and entrepreneurship

Utilise enhanced digital skills to develop a tech-friendly environment and supporting business-business links.

Secure economic and educational gains

By providing support to developing Oman's cyber security skill base and capabilities, establishing Oman as a region-leader.

Act as a UK-Oman digital policy focal point
For UK-Oman digital policy development and co-ordination as well as knowledge transfer and digital best practice.

Support Oman’s Vision 2040

By developing an innovative knowledge economy built on a high-quality educational system and a dynamic labour market.


The UK-Oman Digital Hub Five Workstreams

Digital Government – Support and Development
Digital Skills – Digital and Cyber Education
Digital Economy – Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Digital Security – Cyber Skills Growth
Digital Access – Technology Accessible By Everyone

More About Us

We believe in the power of creative ideas.

The skills of a country’s population determine its success in the digital age. But the world is facing a digital skills shortage that affects all stages of the education and training pipelines, from schools to workplaces and industry. The shortage is nearing a crisis, one that undermines the development of a knowledge economy and cripples productivity and creativity.






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Our Team

Meet The UK Oman Digital Hub Team

UK Oman Digital Hub Team member
Charlie Sammut
Political Counsellor
UK Oman Digital Hub Team member
Jessica Hern
Project Lead
UK Oman Digital Hub Team member
Alghith Alharthi
Project Executive


Let's Make Something Great Together

Hay Safarat, Muscat


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